Jun 6, 2018

Suzy Cube Update: Wish List, Pre-Registration and Release Date!

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I promised you all a big update mid-week, well here is a HUGE update! Suzy Cube is now available to Wish List on Steam and Pre-Register on Google Play!

Ok... So, not really a huge update... Quite short, actually.. but MOMENTOUS! This means we are truly in the final stretch. That being said, if you've been following along with the game's development, you know how much of myself I've poured into this project, and even if you aren't ready to put your money down on little Suzy, do, please, take the time to wish list and pre-register as this will make a world of difference when it comes to our launch day visibility.

If you want to help Suzy be seen, then please, hit up these links and share them with the world!

And while you're in a sharing mood, why not share our slick new trailer!?
Well, that's it! See you all Friday for the regular blog update.

Did I forget something!?

Really? What's that!?


Suzy Cube hits June 19th on all platforms!
(iOS, Apple TV, Android, Steam)

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