Aug 31, 2012

Vote For Marvin's Mittens On Steam Greenlight

From Breakfall Studios:
"Marvin's Mittens is a 2D platformer with a focus on exploration and collection. With gorgeous, hand drawn art, Marvin presents a soothing world to explore, free from enemies and danger. Collect magic snowflakes to increase your jump height and race your sled across the landscape to reach new areas before your mother calls you back home. Learn the secrets of snow elf magic and traverse the world beyond Marvin's backyard to solve the mystery of the missing mitten. Immerse yourself in this charming indie title!"

Aug 20, 2012

Do Westerners Play Dating Sims? or Spot the Difference, Hunky Edition

I came across an article on Kotaku this morning regarding a dating sim game for iOS by the name of Be My Princess. It seems to have been the centre of a mild brouhaha over a recent change in art style in the western version of the game.

Aug 6, 2012

You Should, Probably, Play Robot Wants Kitty

Ok, so this isn't a review so much as a ringing endorsement. If you own an iOS device and are not opposed to the idea of playing a platforming game on said device, then download Robot Wants Kitty, cuz it's awesome! Oh, and FREE!

Aug 2, 2012

Badminton and Rules Writing.

A huge scandal has exploded! Badminton players have been expelled from the competition at the 2012 London Olympics for throwing games. David Sirlin, game designer, raises an interesting point, that I agree with: Don't blame the player if your rules are broken. You can read his take on the matter here.