Aug 6, 2012

You Should, Probably, Play Robot Wants Kitty

Ok, so this isn't a review so much as a ringing endorsement. If you own an iOS device and are not opposed to the idea of playing a platforming game on said device, then download Robot Wants Kitty, cuz it's awesome! Oh, and FREE!

Robot Wants Kitty was originally released as a free flash game that was comprised of a single level. The iOS  version, on the other hand, gives you 6 levels to explore for free with an additional level pack, level editor and community levels available as in app purchases. This version also has greatly improved graphics and introduces some welcome tweaks to the gameplay.

The game has you exploring large open levels in typical platforming style as you try to get your robot to the kitty. Different sections of a level become accessible to you as you gather all manner of power ups in classic "Metroidvania" style. In fact, that's about the coolest part of this game. Unlike a typical Metroidvania game, these levels can usually be completed in about 10 to 45 minutes and each level is a complete experience. So, instead of one massive game, it's like you're getting a bunch of bite sized experiences. I really dig that. So, like I said, it's friggin' free! So go download it already!

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