Jun 26, 2012

Top This Kickstarter Campaign is Underway!

Who doesn't like pizza? Am I right!? I figure the Venn diagram of pizza lovers to game players must include a pretty substantial overlap and if you find yourself dab smack in the middle of that overlap, you should totally check out Uniforge's Kickstarter page for board/dexterity game Top This by Ottawa designer Yves Tourigny!

Jun 11, 2012

Interview Over at The Spine.

I was shuffling some papers on my desk at work this morning when I came across a URL pointing me to spineonline.ca. Spine is the name of a local college blog run by the students of professional writing program. I had the URL because, a few months back, one of the students came in to interview me. Something about wanting to interview someone with a cool job or something. The fellow in question is actually the a co-worker's younger brother by the name of Alex Pilkington. You can check out the interview here. It was a verbal interview so the answers are mostly paraphrased.

Jun 7, 2012

Everyone's a Badass! or How I Wish Mirror's Edge Had Handled Conflict.

So, as I sit down to write this, E3 2012 is in full swing. Anyone who knows how shows like these work also know that all the big announcements were done at the start of the week and very few surprises await us between now and the end of the show. Few surprises indeed. After watching the big shows from the colossi of the industry, I'm left with a clear message about the world of video games: Everyone is a badass. Trailer after trailer of badasses of all shapes and sizes totally murdering the crap out of, well, everyone, has left me wondering... Why?