Dec 24, 2015

Happy Holidays from Suzy Cube!

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Suzy and I want to wish all of you a great holiday season and a safe and happy new year! We both look forward to seeing you all next year for more updates and lessons from Suzy Cube!

Dec 17, 2015

Holiday Break From Updates

#suzycube #gamedev #indiedev #madewithunity  
This update is a non-update, if you will.

Dec 11, 2015

Suzy Cube Update: Friday December 11, 2015

#suzycube #gamedev #indiedev #madewithunity 

Well, this is embarrassing! After last week's paltry update this one will be even slimmer. 

Dec 9, 2015

Starwhal now Available on Xbox One!!

That's right folks, Breakfall's massively popular game Starwhal is now available for the Xbox One! Starwhal is, bar none, the premier aquatic space mammal jousting simulator! If you have friends and own a couch, you need to pick this game up! Also available for the WiiU, PS3, PS4 and Steam.

Dec 6, 2015

Twitter Milestone: 200 followers!

As of today (and for the time being) I've got 200 follower on Twitter!! *Self back patting*

Dec 4, 2015

Suzy Cube Update: Friday December 4, 2015

#suzycube #gamedev #indiedev #madewithunity 

This week was spent on completing the draft of Level 1-2, knocking some easy stuff off my to-do list and getting started on the World 1 boss fight.