Nov 1, 2014

Great Food in the Azores

Let me begin by saying that this post has absolutely nothing to do with games. I know it's off topic and everything, I just wanted to share the wonderful dining experience I had with my wife last night. 

A great diner is sometimes defined less by the food, delicious as it may be, than it is by the people. Our experience last night at Boca de Cena in Ponta Delgada on the island São Miguel in the Azores stood out thanks to one person in particular. You see, the restaurant, which serves reasonably priced upper class fare in a modern but intimate setting is owned and operated by the most delightful character. And, when I say owned and operated, I really mean it. He serves up to 30 diners, lunch and diner, five days a week and diner on Saturdays, all by himself. Absolutely no staff. He is Maître D'hôtel, waiter, busboy and chef all rolled into one. My wife and I couldn't help but chuckle as we watched him cartoonishly yet defly navigate the dining room bringing food to some tables and taking orders from others. A sight to behold. 

If you ever find yourself on São Miguel, find this wonderful little restaurant run by the most amazing and charismatic little lunatic and as you finish and make your way to exit, make sure and ask him how to get the door open, it's magic, you see.

Special thanks to the nice couple from B.C. who recommended the place and held out the restaurant's business card while I took a picture.