Jun 22, 2018

Suzy Cube Update: June 22, 2018

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Well, Suzy Cube has been in the wild for four days now and wild it has been! Events, streams, let's plays and reviews! It'll be nice to take a step back after all this!

In case you missed it, yes, Suzy Cube is now available! You can get link to your storefront of choice at SuzyCube.com!

It has, so far, been an exhausting week! I've spent it in Ottawa, where we used to live before moving to Caracas. Getting to see old friends and local developers during the game's launch week has been awesome but I do miss my wife and chamos back home.

Quite an Event

The Canadian Gaming Expo, my main reason for being in town, kicks off tonight with a party for those of us involved in the conference. I'm going to be speaking on Sunday and volunteering in the Mentor Lounge. If you're in the Ottawa area, why not come check out the show? The conference pass gives you access to great talks while the, frankly quite cheap, expo pass gives you access to the show floor and all the gaming goodness therein. Visit the CGX website for all the details.

As luck would have it, I was also in town for the monthly Dirty Rectangles meet-up. The Rectangles are a group of local Ottawa developers who organize all sorts of community focused gaming events. They are an awesome supportive group and one such meet-up was where I first publicly announced Suzy Cube roughly three years ago! Oh how things come full circle! I got to the meet-up on Wednesday a tad late and the opening announcements were already underway. To my surprise, they had the launch of Suzy Cube as one of those opening announcements! It was very touching!

Picture Show

So, what does a post-Suzy Cube world look like? Well, for me it looks like a constantly filled up inbox and Twitter feed and going to bed way too late from watching Suzy Cube videos on You Tube like some validation starved narcissist.

Speaking of videos! There have been some great early impressions and first-look videos including ones in Spanish by a couple of long time supporters of the project. Chury and GamingXpress.

On the English speaking side, I surprised TeeTekTrab during his live stream which was happening right after Noodlecake's official Twitch live stream yesterday... For which I was super late because of a wrong turn coming back from a friend's place... I know... I KNOW!

Finally, we have PlayWitStyle. Where do I even start!? This second video he did was particularly funny!

Even Google got in on the action, finally releasing a profile video we collaborated on before the launch! You can check it out in a few places: Facebook, Twitter or Google+

Thanks to everyone posting videos online and helping to spread the love for Suzy Cube!

Thumbs Up?

And speaking of spreading the love, we've got our first look at some Suzy Cube reviews coming down the pipe.

Touch Arcade were, obviously, one of the first outlets to post their thoughts. They had a lot of nice things to way about our cubic little friend. The best by far had to be in the title of the review itself: "This 3D Platformer Controls So Well, It’s Probably Witchcraft". I mean, come on!

Other great reviews have also popped up from Touch Tap Play and Android Sloth along with a tough but fair take on the game from Pocket Gamer.


And, as with all game launches when suddenly, the number of people playing the game jump from a dozen to a thousand, our intrepid early adopters have been reporting back with issues they've been running into. thankfully, most of these have been cosmetic issues with easy work arounds. Be that as it may, expect us to continue to issue bug fixes in updates to ensure everyone can continue to enjoy the best possible Suzy Cube experience.

The week so far has been a whirlwind and the weekend will only get crazier, I think! Well, who needs sleep anyway! See you at the parties!


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