Jun 8, 2018

Suzy Cube Update: June 8, 2018

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There's no point beating around the bush. June 19, 2018. Less than two weeks from now is when the world finally gets to meet Suzy Cube!

A Long Time Comin'

For those of you who missed the announcement earlier this week, we have a release date and we are open for pre-registration on Google Play and wish list signup on Steam! Signing up for these pre-launch notifications can actually go a long way toward Suzy getting featured on these platforms. So, if you want to help out, please take a minute and visit the links below to show your support!

In Good Company!!

What a handsome looking store page!

I hear you saying, "But, Louis, I'm an iOS gamer! I want to play the game on my Apple TV! What of me!?" To that, I say, fret not! The game will also be launching on Apple devices day and date with the other versions, we just aren't doing any kind of pre-registration or pre-ordering on the App Store. Noodlecake's prior experiences have led them to believe that pre-launch purchases/sign-ups are, in fact, not factored into a game's launch day sales. This can actually lead to a lower chart position on the week of release. So, for that reason, we decided to do it the old fashioned way on the App Store. That being said, if you are looking forward to the game's release on iOS, do look for it when it goes live on the 19th!

What's Been Up?

So! With the launch just around the corner, what has this pre-final week looked like? Lot's of last minute nips and tucks, of course, along with Noodlecake feverishly ensuring the game is running properly on all platforms!

In addition, the marketing side of things have been hard at work on the press kit and promotional website, which you can check out at suzycube.com! Ya! Suzy's got her own URL!! How cool is that!?

From there, you can check out the game's info page over at Noodlecake's website, visit the various store pages or check out the new trailer!

Oh, ya! The new trailer! It's, essentially, the trailer we brought to GDC that we never publicly released, well now everyone can check it out!

Al Final

Para mis chamos hispanoparlantes, ¡Churi, un YouTuber, hizo una video sobre el lanzamiento del juego! ¡Escuchan el emoción en su voz! ¡Me muero!

Hay, también una video de GamingXpress, pero, con la voz de robot, no hay el mismo efecto!

And, with that, the game is not out yet! We are still heads down getting her ready for the big day. So I'll get back to it and I invite you all back here next Friday for the very last Suzy Cube update before launch (!!!). Also putting the word out that I will be speaking at the Canadian Gaming Expo on the week-end of the 22nd. So check out their website for more info! More on that next week, I'm sure. See you next week!

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