Jun 15, 2018

Suzy Cube Update: June 15, 2018

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This is it, folks! Our last Suzy Cube update before the June 19th release! That's only four days away!? ONLY FOUR DAYS AWAY!!!

Exposing Myself

And how will I be spending the release? Why, losing my mind on a flight to Ottawa to attend the Canadian Gaming Expo, of course!

I'm scheduled to talk about the game on Sunday morning (10:10 am) as part of the variety track. So if you're coming to the conference, please pop in! When not presenting, I'll be volunteering at the Mentor Lounge (Sun 3pm), roaming the expo floor, begging for work at the Connect Café (Sat noon) and catching up with all my amazing developer friends, new and old alike!

I would love to meet Suzy fans, so if you're in the area, come by the expo, it's a fun, affordable way to spend the day discovering all sorts of rad gaming goodness. Fun for the whole family!

Real Talk

With the release just around the corner, I just want to, once again, thank everyone who's been following along with the game's development. Everyone's involvement here, on forums and Twitter has been instrumental in keeping my energy levels up through the years.

In the coming months, I hope to write up another Lessons from Suzy Cube or two, including a post-mortem of sorts. I hope you will all continue to come by to check that out.

Ok, have to keep this short because I'm still on call to help with prepping the final builds (I know, I KNOW!!) and I've to finish preparing for my talk!

See you all on release day! If you want to get the game as soon as it's released, make sure to put it on your Steam wish-list, pre-register on Google Play and follow me and Noodlecake Studios on Twitter if you're waiting for the iOS or Apple TV versions.

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