Dec 15, 2017

Suzy Cube Update: December 15, 2017

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Holiday party to go to this afternoon, so I will keep this brief. Long story short, more Special World level design and social and analytics integration.

Running Out of Special World Puns

I wrapped up design and a bit of decoration on Level S-10, seen above. Ya, no blurring this week, thought I would be generous. It's got a fun gimmick inspired by this year's Super Mario Odyssey, but you'll have to wait and play it for yourself to find out what it is.

Optimization Woes

I also spent quite a while on trying to smooth out a dip in performance found in Level S-5. Based on other sluggish spots in a couple of other levels, I thought I had things narrowed down to, either, collapsing platforms or shockwaves.

Finding the culprit

The problem area in question features both. I suspected the shockwaves at first and spent some time implementing a culling solution to stop them updating when off screen. I cut two of the four Shockwave Bumpers which used to be included in this section of the level too. After finding my framerate hadn't improved, I started looking at the collapsing platforms. They used to work through a system of interconnected trigger messages, which I knew could be sluggish if overused, so I went ahead and wrote a custom script to handle these without the need for SendMessage calls being thrown around several times a frame. Unfortunately, this didn't help. I continue to look for a solution to this little conundrum.

We Are All Connected

Noodlecake and I were also, finally, able to make real progress on integrating social and analytics features into the game. After spending a good chunk of time getting things up and running on their end, they were able to merge their changes into the main branch of the GIT repository so that I could grab it and start plugging it into the game!

Barring a few no-biggy errors we still need to iron out, it looks like we've got achievements, leaderboards and basic analytics functionality up, integrated and ready for testing on target devices! Huzzah!

And that's basically what my week looked like. We also moved the project over to the latest patch release of Unity 2017.2, which we should be sticking with until release, barring any devastating bugs we can't work around. I was really hoping to switch to using Unity's new progressive light mapper which does a great job of hiding lightmap seams, but it is, unfortunately, not yet compatible with the way I use mixed lighting in the game. At least lightmaps, regardless of how they are generated, now get proper matting! Has helped tremendously with hiding mip-mapping artifacts!

So, on that note, have a great weekend folks, and we'll see each other next Friday!

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