Feb 10, 2017

Suzy Cube Update: February 10, 2017

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Hooray! I wrapped up work on the Level 3-4 design draft!

Rollin' Down the River

I expected to be done this work earlier in the week, but I was still making adjustments on Thursday. I've had a hard time getting the timing right on the floating platforms in order to eliminate situations wherein Suzy can get stranded or might have to wait too long for a platform to float by.

Things still aren't perfect in this regard, but they are, at least, in much better shape than when I started.

Many sections make up the level.

Moving On

By Thursday afternoon, I put pencil to paper on ideas for my next level, 4-4. So I look forward to sharing my progress on that stage with all of you next week.

I probably would have made greater progress on the paper design if I hadn't gotten distracted...

Looks mean...

Why is it so surly looking? What's with the missing tooth and eyepatch? What's it planning to do with that bone!?

So many questions!

Check back in next week to find out...
See you!


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