Dec 16, 2016

Suzy Cube Update: Friday December 16, 2016

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Turns out, when you get your place fumigated, you have to wash all your kitchen wares afterwards... Short update again this week.

Yep, sorry folks, got unexpectedly busy this week so I did not do a ton of work on Suzy. That being said, I still made some nice progress, just not as much as I would have wanted.

Rollin' on Down

I've completed the design draft of Level 2-2 which you can see above. I made some changes to some of the platforms, replaced some of the rotators by safe areas and did a full pickups, coins and star pass. I'm quite happy with this level, especially considering I didn't base it off a paper sketch and, instead did all of my sketching right in the editor.


Another thing I tried out for this level was to introduce a faked specular highlight to the rotator block material. This breaks my loose rule that all solid surfaces share the same material but I found the motion of the rotators hard to read in circumstances wherein the silhouette of the block wasn't visible. The shiny highlight crawling over the rotating surface certainly helps convey the motion

Slip n' Slide

I've also started doing some initial setup work for Level 5-2. The idea of the level is that Suzy will have to outrun an avalanche of sorts while sliding down snow hills. I spent the later part of yesterday working on the setup for the avalanche ball of death.

It's a bit choppy in the GIF, but I think it still gets across the sense of urgency.

I wish I could paint a rosy picture for the next update but I think I might end up skipping it altogether. My wife and I send out a yearly animated card for the holidays and I still haven't started on it this year. It's likely that it'll take up most, if not all, of my time next week. Check back either way, I may have time to sneak a little work in. We'll see. Ciao for now.

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