Apr 29, 2016

Suzy Cube Update: Friday April 29, 2016

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Friday, already!? I almost forgot to write my update!! This week was spent on bug fixing, refactoring things and getting things ready for the game's final level!
Before anyone gets too excited, I want to remind everyone that I am NOT designing the levels in order, my working on the game's final level is no indication of how far along I am in designing the game's levels as a whole!

Bugs and Boring Stuff

So, let's first get the boring stuff out of the way! I spent the early part of the week in the level select screen refactoring some stuff for better flow and trying to get to the bottom of why I keep losing my selection when using a controller on iOS. Spoiler: I haven't fixed this yet!

I also fixed a couple of bugs related to interrupting certain boss actions and how these interruptions could mess with the boss' attack sequences. By addressing these issues, it set things up nicely for me to start work on the game's final boss encounter.

The Final Face-Off

As you can see at the top of the post, the game's final level will be a lava themed one full of fiery traps and dark motifs. Even though one of the first levels I designed for the game is a lava themed one, Level 3-3, I hadn't had any need for decorator props until now and so had deferred their creation until after GDC. Well, here we are now with a healthy dose of new and re-skinned objects and decorators ready to give my lava levels a dark underworld feel.

Particles and scrolling textures... Is there anything they can't do?

Although I haven't started on the final level layout yet, I did spend some time working on the boss fight itself. I'm not ready to call it done, but it's certainly coming along nicely and I'm happy to park it for the time being and work on the level leading up to it.

Soaring Spitter

I'm thinking you'll be seeing more of this little dude next week...

You got quite a mouth on you!

I'm currently working on this flying demon-y skull bad guy. The reason it has a lower jaw, contrary to the regular skull enemies is that it's going to need that mouth to spit fireballs at you! It's basically a flying cannon you'll be able to kill. Should be a fun way to ruin your day while you try to navigate platforms and lava spouts!

So, come check back in next week to see this guy in action!

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