Apr 1, 2016

Suzy Cube Update: Friday April 1, 2016

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And we're back! So, after getting back from the Game Developer Conference and, essentially, taking a week off from working on the game I jumped back in the saddle this week.

If you want to know what I was up to while in San Francisco for GDC, you can check out my day-by-day write up of the event here.

What's the Buzz?

I started work on a variation of the bee enemies I showed off previously.

A heavy set bumbly-bee

As you can see, this version of the enemy is rather more... um... rotund? I should have animated footage of these portly baddies for you next week once I have their behaviour set up. I'm realizing that, in order not to write redundant code, I'm going to need to rip apart the original bee behaviour script in order to modularize it so I can reuse bits of it for this new variation on the enemy.

Stop and Smell the Flowers

I've also been working on a new level, Level 5-3. I've been working on the paper design and have been putting together the functional bits which will make up the core gameplay elements of the level.

Going for a spin
As you can see, I'm playing around with a number of different flower platforms. Including these simple rotating ones. The flower theme goes hand-in-hand with the bee enemies, of course.

Maybe I'll swing by
These flowers are on bendy stems and swing from side to side making them an interesting twist on traditional moving platforms.

I also wrote a script to handle teeter-totter style platforms which will tilt based on where you are standing. Another element I hope to put to good use in Level 5-3 and others.

Balancing act
The script can also be used to create platforms which tilt in two axes. Not sure yet if I'll use this in this level but should serve me well to have in my toolbox!

I've got a couple other surprises up my sleeve for this level too, but until I really start building it, even I can't guarantee what will or won't be in it. We all remember what happened with the Level 1-4 redesign!?

More Good Press

Finally, I spent about an hour Monday afternoon on Skype with Trevor Sheridan from Apple 'n' Apps talking his ear off while I showed him some stuff from the GDC build of Suzy Cube. You can check out his write up from the interview here. I also provided him with an updated video from Level 1-4!

You can check out what the same level looked like a month ago here.

Well, lots yet to do, so I think I'll leave it at that for the update and get back to it! I should have a lot more of Level 5-3 to show all of you in next week's update. See you then!

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