Mar 17, 2016

Suzy Cube at GDC 2016, Day 3

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What a day! Too much to cover, point-form to follow!
  • Talk by Invidia and Allegorithmic: Substance Painter stuff was very cool.
  • Talk from the duo on N++: Cool look behind the process from cool people!
  • Checked out the Indie Mega Booth and met Mike from Starfall Studios who totally knew what Suzy Cube was and eagerly played it! I played his really cool upcoming stealth ninja platform game, Sneaky Ninja: Good times were had by all.

  • Also seen at the Indie Mega Booth...


Streets of Rogue
  • ALSO seen at the Indie Mega Booth: Longstory, a dating game for the real world. Charming, inclusive and attractive.
  • Moving on to the IGF Awards showcase area... Oh man...
Allen seen here making his hand disappear.
    • Great chat with folks behind innovative narrative based game Oxenfree, winner for excellence in art!
It's a booth!
    • Checked out a number of the nominees:
Trippy audiovisual experience!!

Utterly delightful puzzle/diorama/toy. Must be amazing on Playstation VR!


Bold, personal and vulnerable.
Three players, one phone, one victor!
  • Voice is fading fast!
What a packed day! So many great games and so many wonderful people!! Many folks also asked to try out Suzy Cube, which was awesome! OK, it's past 2am now, I REALLY have to get to bed if I want to be even half-functional tomorrow!

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