Mar 16, 2016

Suzy Cube at GDC 2016, Day 2

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Things are really starting to pick up at GDC 2016!
I checked out some really great talks including some artificial intelligence stuff from the folks behind The Division and Warframe, an awesome talk on building shared indie work spaces by the folks from Gamenest and a couple of exciting talks on cool upcoming Unity engine features.

We also toured the floor a bit and checked out some of the neat virtual reality stuff being shown. I only got a little motion sick, so that's cool! Looking forward to the real expo floor opening up tomorrow!

Ok, I'm heading to bed, was a long night spent meeting folks from Touch Arcade and other fans and devs at an informal bar hangout where I got to practice my Spanish with, get this, a Venezuelan!

G'night everybody!

ps. Sorry I'm not taking more pictures. It's a combination of me not really being the picture taking type and the fact my iPod barely holds a charge anymore.

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