Jan 26, 2018

Suzy Cube Update: January 26, 2018

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Level design up the wazoo this week! Not only did I finish work on Level S-6, but I'm almost done with all the game's Special World levels! On top of that, I've got a sneak peak at the story artwork rough from Noodlecake! 

Tell Me a Story...

Last week, I showed you guys my own take on some story interstitial artwork for the game promising more for this week. Well, what I've got this week is a bit of what I got back from Noodlecake!

Lazing about

I've sent some notes back for adjustments but, all told, I'm very happy with this. The look is simple and fits well with the game, while not trying to emulate the look of the in-game graphics. Somewhere between my two attempts. As a side note, It's really neat to see another artist's interpretation of the game's signature blocky look!

Level Up!

In accordance with my self imposed rule of not giving away too much about the game's Special World levels, I'm going to simply show off some blurry screenshots along with a vague description. I feel if I don't at least mention the work I've been doing on these levels, It's going to seem like I'm not getting any work done at all!

Sunset Strip

First is Level S-2. This one was pretty quick to put together as it's a remix of one of the game's early stages. I made things tougher by adding more bottomless pits, adding tougher enemies and moving around the power-ups and stars. Ooh, I also created a dusky recolour of the skybox for a slightly different feel.

Purple Pugilism

Next, we have last week's Level S-6. A chance to get reacquainted with some old friends.

Turning up the heat

And, finally, Level S-8 which is almost done. I've got the level's main layout and gimmick in place and just need to give it a bit of decoration and a coins and power-ups pass.

You're seeing this right, folks! Three levels completed this week (probably shortly after I post this)!
From now on, I'm finishing up decoration, fixing bugs and supporting Noodlecake on their tasks! Some day, the rest of you might actually get to play this game! See you all next week!

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