Apr 14, 2017

Suzy Cube Update: April 14, 2017

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As predicted... not much to update you on this week. We've got a house guest, it's a four day weekend, and we celebrated my wife's birthday with friends yesterday. So the latter part of my week has mostly been spent in the kitchen prepping for said stuff. So what about Monday and Tuesday?

Call me Maybe

I had a call with another potential publisher as I continue to fill my info bucket to ensure I commit to a deal that will truly be in Suzy's best interest. I've got a few more calls coming up next week, at which point I'll have discussed publishing with all interested parties and can start really drawing up some pros and cons lists in order to, finally, decide which way I want to go.

To-Do or not To-Do?

I've been using Trello to organize my task list since day one. This week, however, I made some radical changes to my main Trello board. Instead of moving forward with my To-Do list format, I've rejiggered the whole thing into a set of columns labeled: "Current", "This Week", "Next Week", "April", "May", etc.

That's right, folks. I plan to actually start scheduling my tasks! 

It's not really about figuring out a release date, or drawing up a hard timeline to stick to. I'm hoping this switch will, instead, help motivate me to complete a nice, consistent, amount of work each week. As a side benefit, it should also give me a better idea of a release time frame... Which I will continue not to discuss publicly!

To The Beat, Y'All

Work on the Level 3-3 redesign continues. My week was so derailed, I didn't get it done, as I had hoped, but the end is near. I mean, literally... I'm working on the end of the level, but I'm kind of stuck on how best to approach it. I've got a couple ideas I'll have to toss together to try out and see which tickles my fancy most. Remember, game design is playable! There's no substitute for throwing your ideas into the game and seeing how they work in situ.

Having only really worked two days this week, that's, unfortunately, it for this update. I've lost hours already trying to debug a crash which only shows up on iOS and which doesn't produce an error in the editor... The worse kind of crash! And, no, it still isn't fixed... Thanks for asking. 

So where does that leave things for next week? Well, Level 3-3 is definitely getting wrapped up, that's for sure. My reorganized Trello board will be getting it's shiny new columns filled up as I "schedule" my remaining tasks... And probably buckle under the emotional weight of it all. Finally, I will, no doubt, lose several more hours continuing to attempt to debug this gosh darn crash. I'll make sure I sneak in at least one or two tasks I can actually take screenshots of for the update. I gotta give you something, right!? See you next week.

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