Oct 28, 2016

Suzy Cube Update: Friday October 28, 2016

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Don't click away! The Skull Bullies are actually functional now! 

Big and Burly

They turned out to be harder to get right than I originally thought. I also had to rethink how some of the actions were performed because, although they seemed like good ideas in my head (or even as animations), they just didn't work out in practice. 

But here we are, a big new enemy!

Probably should have been paying attention... 

Oh, and they are relentless in their chase!


Level Up?

All this, of course, means that work on Level 4-1 really only started yesterday and mostly on paper for the moment. I did, however export and hook up new shapes for the breakable rock blocks. It's not a huge deal, but will open up some new possibilities.

Otherwise, I've been struggling slightly with really forming a concrete idea of the level's identity. While I have some plans for levels which are quite fully formed in my mind (as was Level 2-1) others exist only as a few notes. Level 4-1 definitely falls in that second category! This means it's going to be extremely important for me to really think through the design goals for the stage if I don't want to end up spinning my wheels in the editor.

So, I guess we all know what I'll be concentrating on next week. I've got to make progress on the game's levels, so I simply can't let this designer's block get the best of me! Until next week!

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