May 20, 2016

Suzy Cube Update: Friday May 20, 2016

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Not a flashy update, sorry, but a good week on my side of things!
I've gone ahead and updated my computer's OS to be able to install the latest version of Xcode allowing me to, finally, build to my device again! Good news everyone, the final boss level runs well on my iPod! I did have to make changes to the level, however, to better accommodate the touch controls. That's why it's imperative to always test on target hardware!

Putting Myself Out There

With the help of my long time development partner, Phil, I've also made a lot of progress towards getting the game up on TestFlight for distribution to a wider base of testers. 

Once everything is good and set up, I'm going to put together some lists of testers including interested volunteers! I'm not taking names yet, so please, hold off if you're interested, but I imagine that by next week, test builds will be going out to the first round of outside testers.

A Dark Cloud Overhead

Unfortunately, still no luck getting the game to build consistently via Unity Cloud Build. I tried pruning the project a bit as I seem to be nudging up against my repository size limit, but alas, no improvement. I will definitely keep plugging away at this problem as I've gotten rather used to relying on Cloud Build!

Palate Cleanser

I really needed to get out of certificates and builds and updates and stuff so I spent part of Thursday modeling and integrating the pile of gold you see up top. It's waiting for Suzy at the end of the final Boss level and I like how it frames her during her victory dance. Best of all, in game, it twinkles!

And, yes, the draft pass of Level 5-B is, indeed, complete! See you all next week!

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