Feb 26, 2016

Suzy Cube Update: Friday February 26, 2016

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Prettying things up and getting ready for GDC! This week has been all about finishing up work to get the game show ready in time for the Game Developers Conference in March. 

A Little Spit Shine

All the World 1 levels are now "show ready" and will act as my quality bar for the rest of the game's development. I finished up the last few background skyboxes and dressed all the stages.

Looking down Level 1-3

Things are getting frosty in Level 1-4

Walking in a blocky wonderland

The climb up to the World 1 boss

Suzy's going to need whatever is in those gift boxes!

Tightening Loose Screws

I also made some adjustments to almost all the World 1 levels this week. Including changing up a whole section of Level 1-4 as well as giving you access to the Double Jump hat much earlier in Level 1-3. All in the name of having each level play its best. The change to Level 1-3 in particular should help to make the level more fun. Originally, I introduced players to the Double Jump hat about a third of the way through the level with a couple obstacles which can't be surmounted without using the double jump ability. By giving players the opportunity to find the power-up from the very beginning of the level, I hope that players will have more opportunity to discover and play around with it before getting to the gating challenge which will force them to make use of it to proceed. And having access to the double jump ability early in the level will allow intrepid players to find shortcuts by attempting harrowing jumps, which is perfectly in theme with the feel of the level as a whole.

Certifiably Insane

Finally, I spent the better part of yesterday banging my head against my desk trying to get all my Certificates and Provisioning Profiles in order to get a version of Suzy Cube up onto TestFlight. That stuff sure is a pain in the butt! And, for the curious, nope, still haven't figured it all out. Damn you Everyplay and your need for Push Notifications!!

With all the decoration work done, it looks like next week will be more about subtle tweaks and bug fixing than anything else. So, I'll see you then!

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