Nov 12, 2015

Suzy Cube Update: Thursday November 12, 2015

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Gonna be a bit of a slim one this week, folks. Also, I'm not going to be able to post the update on Friday, as usual which is why it's coming a day early.
As you can see above, I've made a smattering of desert themed props which I've already started incorporating into Level 4-3. The next level I'm planning to take on should also be desert themed, Level 1-3. Ya, about that...

Now, Level 1-3 was, indeed, the next level on my list, but it's doubly relevant now because I've decided to attend GDC in March in order to meet folks, play some cool games and, of course, show off Suzy Cube!

That last bit is the relavent part. If I'm going to be showing Suzy Cube to folks, including press, then I want to put her best foot forward. (does Suzy actually have feet?) In order to do this, I will be re-vectoring my efforts away from working on the game in broad strokes in order to concentrate on making World 1 look near final. This means that between now and March, instead of trying to get as many level drafts done as possible, I'll be taking on only the levels from World 1 in an effort to get them done, decorated and polished in time for GDC.

Now, I'm not too sad about this because it will, in the end, force me to put a lot of work into a number os aspects of the game in order to complete the first five levels. It will make for a nice vertical slice of the product and should work to put me in a pretty good place to finish up the rest of the game after coming back from the conference.

As for the update...

As I mentioned at the beginning, it's not much of an update. This week has been a lazy one, which I can't afford to keep up if I want to make a good showing at GDC. That being said, I still got some worthwhile stuff done, of course, like sarcophagi! Some can give you stuff if you jump on them while others may hide other surprises entirely!!

The Mummy Skulls, by the way, work pretty much like the Dry Bones from Super Mario games. If you bop one, you're left with a pile of bandages and if you wait a bit the mummy will reconstitute itself and come back to life!

I also set up these bombastic blowtorches! Remember, if you are making any sort of timing based platforms or hazards, make sure you include an offset time value!

Oh! And I did some user testing with my usual partner in crime, Phil, and got back some Everyplay videos from his attempts. Was not promising! He did not complete a single one of the levels I had up for testing. He did, however have very nice things to say about them, especially the lava level... Which was weird, given that I would have sworn he was cursing my name from all the deaths I was seeing in his replays! But, hey, that's the whole point of doing user tests, right!? I need to see this footage to be able to better gauge how each level needs to be adjusted.

Looks like other things might keep me busy next week, so I don't know what I can guarantee, but with GDC only a few months away, updates should be getting nice and chock full again soon. 

See you next week!

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