Nov 19, 2012

Come Check Out Roll N' Bump This Weekend.

I arrived home to an awesome surprise today! As part of my publishing contract, I'm allowed some boxes of Roll n' Bump to do with as I please. With the first print run all good and done, my boxes were waiting for me when I got home from work! I knew I would be getting them soon, but I didn't expect it to be so fast. I'm so psyched! Can't you tell from my exuberant thumb?

So, you want to check out the game for yourself? Going to be in the Ottawa/Gatineau area this weekend (November 23-25, 2012)? Then come look for me at the annual Ludo Outaouais open gaming gathering.
Ludo Outaouais is a Gatineau area gaming club that gets together to play board games every week. Every year, however, they put on a much bigger gathering and invite one and all to come and enjoy the massive games library, open gaming and tournaments. Check out location and pricing information on their website. And yes, there's a language option in the top right corner for the French impaired.

I'm going to be there Saturday and Sunday, giving Roll n' Bump demos, hanging with other local designers and, hopefully, squeezing in a few other games as well. Come find me and say hello! I'd love to sit down for a game of Roll n' Bump with each and every one of you, which should be doable as the game now supports up to six players!

Thank you UPS, you made my friggin' day!

Look at all those dice! And the sweet, new (bilingual!) rules.


  1. Congrats, Game Designer! The final product looks sweet!

  2. Bought the game and tried it. It's nice! Here are comments and questions:

    I'm not sure to understand how the bonus die work. Can you explain this rule in a video tutorial?

    The dice color selection could have been more optimal, the red/pink/orange dices are easily confusing, as well as the green/blue, especially when they are placed above cards.

    And I'm curious, how do you setup the board for 2 or 5 and 6 players? For 3 and 4 players, all 8 stacks are placed around the center multicoloured cards, in a square pattern. For 2 players, do you place stacks in a hex pattern? And for 5 and 6 players, to you place stacks in a star pattern?

    1. Thanks for the feedback, Francois. I think doing a short video to address these things is a great idea. I'll put it on my to-do list.

      To try and answer your questions here, though:

      The bonus die:
      If someone successfully claims the bonus die, they can roll it as if it was one of their regular dice. Once they are satisfied with their roll and want to stake claims, they may switch the value on one of their own dice for the value shown on the bonus die. They then return the bonus die to the side of the board. A player that has rolled the bonus die may not stake a claim on it until their next turn.

      Alternate Board Set Up:
      For 2 players, I tend to set the board up, as you said, in a sort of hexagonal shape. Wild card in the middle, two stacks above and below it and one stack to either side.

      For 5 and 6 players, I usually do a regular 8 stacks set up and will place two stacks to either side or distribute the four extra stacks above, below and to either side, depending on the size and shape of the table.

    2. Thanks for the answer. However, I can someone successfully claim the bonus die?

  3. Staking a claim on the bonus die is a lot like staking a claim on a card except there is no restriction on which dice you can use to stake the claim. Essentially, if you have any dice left over that you can't place anywhere else, put them next to the bonus die. A player can also pump you off the bonus die by simply staking a claim using dice that add up to more than the ones you have currently staking a claim on the die. So, like I said, it pretty much works like the cards, but with no restriction on what dice you can use to stake the claim.

  4. Ok, I get it. If I place a pair of fives next to the bonus die and no one ups the ante, I will be able to use it on my next turn.

    In the previous example, someone with 3 fives will be able to claim the bonus die. I placed a series of two (ex.: 2, 3), only someone with a higher series will be able to claim them (ex.: 3, 4).

    And when you claimed the bonus die, can you roll it up three times, as well as your other dices?

  5. Close. There, actually, is no restriction over which dice you can place next to the bonus die, and only the total matters for bumping. So, you could place a 3 a 1 and a 5 next to it because you have nowhere else to place them and I could pump them off with a 5 and a 6, for instance because my two dice add up to 11 but yours add up to 9. So, if there are no dice currently staking a claim on the bonus die, you can literally put ANY dice next to it.

    As for your other question, yup, you can roll the bonus die up to three times along with your normal dice.