Mar 12, 2012

Great Quote From GDC 2012: Horse Shit!

I wasn't at GDC this year, but I did, as always, follow the news on several sites. Kotaku posted a quote from Dear Esther writer, Dan Pinchbeck that I wanted to share with all of you:

"Of all the turds in the pipe, this is the granddaddy. Games are not too expensive. If you go to the store to buy granola and accidentally buy horse shit, getting six boxes for free is not extra value. Games do not need to add extra content to be a better value. I used to spend a long time pumping money into slots as a kid with this. 'The gameplay never changed, there was no kind of, like, change in the experience, this kind of stuff, I played it, I put a lot of money into it because I loved it."

Now, I do think that adding quality content to a quality product does, indeed, add to its value but I couldn't agree more that there's no point padding a mediocre game out with more crap. Dev time and resources are better spent making a tight, fun, experience rather than a long drawn out slog.

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