Feb 18, 2012

Setting Off for Day 2 of Game Summit 2012

My table, graciously sponsored The Game Crafter

Yesterday, the first day of the summit, was pretty successful. I had the chance to catch up with some of the local game design people as well as meet some new folks, including Belfort co-designer Sen-Foong Lim. More importantly, perhaps, my helpers and I got a lot of new people to sit down and try Shake Out!, which really is key to getting people jazzed about this kind of game and turned into a few sales too.

Charles teaching the game. So much concentration!

More players learning to love Shake Out! Notice the coveted prize perched on the box, The Legendary Game Crafter Gift Certificate!

Even Aion got some play yesterday! Here's the view from my booth, co-designer and artist on Aion, Leo, showing off the game to one of our good gaming buddies, Alex.

I will be heading off really soon to day 2 of the summit which, according to my sources, should be the crazy one!

1 comment:

  1. Happy to have met you, too, Louis!

    Shake Out is a super fun game that I will enjoy with my family for years to come! Fast, intuitive, and challenging. Love it!