Jan 17, 2012

Shake Out! has landed.

Got a big box from The Game Crafter last Friday containing a surprise! No not my 35 copies of Shake Out! for local buyers, which I was expecting. No, not the shirts and fliers for next month's Game Summit convention, which I was also expecting. Surprise! None of the games were assembled!

Truth be told, I can't fault The Game Crafter for this as it probably saved a bunch on shipping and ensured the boxes arrived in mint condition, I just wish there was a heads up letting me know! Thank goodness I didn't send this to a distributor!

All's well that ends well as my incredibly wonderful wife surprised me by assembling all the games on Saturday while I was off, of all things, playing board games with friends all day. She's the best! And now we have a bunch of boxes of Shake Out! ready to go!

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