Jun 3, 2016

Suzy Cube Update: Friday June 3, 2016

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More progress to show this week! Work on Level 3-B is going well and, yep, I'm ready to take names for testing!

Testing. Testing. One. Two. Three.

Before I get into the update, let's just get this testing thing out of the way! If you are interested in testing Suzy Cube, there are a few ways to get your name on the list:
So, if you have an iOS device and are serious about helping make Suzy Cube awesome, please drop me a line and get your name on the list!

An Ice Cold Plunge

On to the update, proper. As promised for the past couple weeks, I've finally started work on Level 3-B in earnest. As you can see from the shot above, it's a typical tower climb boss level but with an icy themed twist.

Icy hazards
Hazards include slippery slopes with tricky jump pad timing, falling ice stalactites, collapsing platforms and more. The combination of rising frigid water and the slides makes for a particularly tense climb!

And, of course, no boss level is complete without the boss. So here's our good old dragon/sea monster boss all decked out in his wintery colours.

Why so blue?
And on that, I'm off to continue work on the level. See you all next week!

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