May 27, 2016

Suzy Cube Update: Friday May 27, 2016

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Another shorty this week... More on that at the end of the post.
As you can see above, I spent a few days this week working on a lava themed background that's perfect for the game's final level. Just like the other backgrounds, it's an environment map generated from a separate scene. It looks like geometry, but, in game, it's really just a sky box! I gave this one a ceiling of sorts to give the impression that you're in a cave.

Ready Set Test!.. Almost...

I heard back from my first couple guiney pigs that the TestFlight builds are indeed being distributed properly. I've got a couple more tests to run before I start taking names, though, so stay tuned!

Actually, about that. What I've done is prepared a list of testers which I will fill up with volunteers and their contact info. In order to keep the feedback manageable, however, I will not be making use of every single tester all of the time but will, instead, attempt to rotate folks every few builds. That means that even though you volunteer, it doesn't mean you'll necessarily be part of the first round of testing. I will be adding all interested folks and I'll try my best to make sure everyone gets a chance to try out the game and give feedback.

And Now For Something Completely Different

It was actually a short week for me as my wife and I visited the plains near Barinas, Venezuela with some friends. So, sorry I didn't get much done this week, I was busy seeing these:

And these...

And these...

And these...

And a crap ton of these...

Sooo... ya... I don't feel too bad!

So, next week, testing should, FINALLY, start on a larger scale, and I will, FINALLY, be starting work on a new level, which will be a snow themed boss level for World 3! 

See you then!

P.S. Photos courtesy of my wife. ^_^

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