Jan 17, 2012

A Glowing Shake Out! Review From Father Geek!

You can check out Father Geek's thorough review on his website or over on the BGG forums.

He did make a couple of small rules mistakes which I pointed out in the comments on BGG. Otherwise, very positive review.  Some stand out quotes:

"The artwork on the cards is not only colorful but easy to read and well thought out. It takes only a glance to appreciate the time and energy put into the game by the designer."
"As soon as the points were tallied and the winner declared, the cards were being reshuffled and the game reset!"
"...this is a light but very satisfying push-your-luck game with teeth and meaningful decisions to be made."
"The end result is a fantastic game I eagerly look forward to playing and have enjoyed again and again. Do check this game out if it sounds right for you!"

Thanks Father Geek!

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