Jan 30, 2012

Global Game Jam 2012 Wrap Up

Once again, the Global Game Jam was a ton of fun. If you're interested in game design and creation and there's a jam site near you, I totally recommend participating. I thought I would post about some of the other games from the Ottawa jam that friends made or that made an impression on me.

First off is a game by Jason Kozak, an old colleague and friend of mine. His game is called Momentum and is about climbing ever higher! Jason had the basic square and trail thing up and running pretty fast but he didn't have a gameplay hook until I suggested he have a look at some footage from NiGHTs Into Dreams, an old Sega Saturn game. I figured the mechanism of forming loops around pickups would be a slick way of incorporating the theme of the circular serpent. So the game ended up being about flying your cube around trying to form loops around the smaller cubes to get speed boosts that help you climb higher. I like the game's artsy look and feel.

C'mon! Lookitdat artwork!!! Unfortunately I didn't have the chance to play this one, but I really wanted to point it out because of the CUSTOM MADE ARCADE CONTROLLER!!

This one won the  Graphics category and it deserved it. Great looking game that plays well too. 

And last, but certainly not least, from my friends at Breakfall comes Frosted Feud. It's a two player game in which players alternately play as a vanilla cupcake and a chocolate cupcake. Players try to deliver a baby cupcake to the end of the level all the while dropping inactive crumbs along the way. These crumbs become active for the next run through where they will either add time or remove time from the player who picks them up depending on whether or not they are the right flavour. Looks and sounds great too.. well, other than the overlapping audio lines, right Mike?

So, that was the 2012 Global Game Jam. You can hit up the website to check out all the awesome entries from all over the planet!! Hopefully, nest year will be just as awesome!

All images from the Global Game Jam website.

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