Jan 28, 2012

Game Jam 2012: Noon On Day 2

Well, here I am, groggy and woozy as I stumble in for day two of the Game Jam. No photos yet but I can tell you about the theme and where we are headed with it.

So, the theme is...
The included image! No, seriously, that picture is the theme. The image is called the Ouroboros and has been linked to a number of concepts throughout history. It also has some connections to ancient alchemy, which is one of the angles we are going with. The game we're doing is a tile laying game using tiles representing colours and alchemical runes. Players lay tiles from their hand trying to create closed loops like the snake. Get it!?

I will, hopefully be able to take some pictures of the prototype today and upload them. As far as actual progress on the game, we hope to be happy with the game and started on final graphics tonight.

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