Nov 11, 2016

Suzy Cube Update: Friday November 11, 2016

A short and sweet update this week all centered around Level 4-1!

Cross it off the List

This week, I've been laser focused and I'm happy to say that the initial design for Level 4-1 is in the can! Hurray!

I reworked a handful of trinkets but nothing hugely substantial, just small bugs and fixes relating to various things found in the level but mostly, I simply spent the week building and refining the level itself.

Oh, I guess I did add a little something...

Like magic!

Invisible coins! These ghostly coins only appear once Suzy passes through their translucent form. Their behaviour and near invisibility make them handy for hiding coins in plain sight for attentive players to find or to entice risk takers to retread dangerous situations to gather the coins once they appear!

And Then?

I also updated my notes for Level 5-1 which I should be starting on in earnest next week. I'm feeling good about this one as my notes are clear and I can totally picture how it'll all come together. I'm excited to get started on it. I may even have enough time to do so this afternoon, but we shall see.

Also, I updated Unity to the latest patch release which I was, remarkably, able to do without any issues and it finally fixed a long standing shadowing bug! I love when engine updates go off without a hitch!

Like I said, short and sweet! I'll see you all next week with my progress on Level 5-1!

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