Mar 19, 2016

Suzy Cube at GDC 2016, Day 5

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What a week! Man, what a week! I have never felt so vindicated in my life! Folks really seem to like Suzy Cube, including TouchArcade's own Jared Nelson who you can hear me chatting with in the video up top.

Now, it's time to use this as fuel, take the critiques to heart and, most importantly, not believe my own hype! Finishing the game remains the priority, it just feels nice to know that I'm not just making it for myself anymore!

For those who want to read more of Jared's comments on the game, he did a write up of our sit-down to go along with the video. 

I mean, I just.. I just can't.... He used the word favourite!! Although, he was probably thinking 'favorite', but I'll take it! I was hoping Suzy would be well received, but this, this went way beyond my expectations!

As for the last day of GDC, we didn't end up spending that much time at the conference. We started the day hanging out with folks at the Musée Mécanique, which is an awesome museum/working arcade with games and parlour attractions dating back as far as the late 1800's!! It's amazing to see the ingenuity with which some of these games were designed using absolutely no electronics. Truly a required visit for any game developer in San Francisco.

Pre-cinema animation anyone?

Overview from the entrance.
There's such a great variety of games and gadgets. Highlights of our time there included playing Galaga on a cocktail cabinet, a tight head-to-head game of Death Race and, of course, playing Asteroids.

What I love about playing Asteroids in its original form is that it's both a really solid game but also looks incredibly unique thanks to its vector display. There's really nothing like seeing one of these machines in person, screenshots and videos just can not do them justice.

Oh, and maybe posting a high score helped bias my memory of the experience.

Yep, top spot!
After the museum, we spent a little time back at the conference, checked out a fun talk on the TRS-80 computer and finished everything off with a quintessentially San Franciscan dining experience, the Off the Grid food truck fair. Delicious samosa, lobster roll and bread pudding. Man I love food trucks!

And on that note, we say goodbye to San Francisco and the Game Developers Conference as I now sit waiting for my flight while writing this.

All in all, very happy with my trip to GDC, but I'm looking forward to seeing my wife, my bed and, probably after taking a week off, my project!

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