Oct 30, 2015

Suzy Cube Update: Friday October 30, 2015

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Despite a new Halo game releasing this week, I still got stuff done! Ok, to be honest, my crappy Venezuelan internet connection had me wait well past the release date for my download to complete. 

Be that as it may, I've got an update after all. This week was mostly about hitting the bug list and getting around to some stuff on my backlog.

First of all that was finally writing a little script which allows me to have certain particle effects play independently of the game's time scale. You can see this in action in the gif above. This means that even when I pause or slow time for effect, I can have particles continue to play. This will also allow me to add particles to some UI like the summary screen which happens while the game is paused in the background.

And here's a really useful little debugging script I wrote for myself. What it simply does is follow Suzy around the level spawning these green cubes at regular intervals. I can then copy the cubes while in play mode and paste them back into the scene in edit mode. They are great to use as a template for placing coin chains and having them match the player's jump arc perfectly! It's been super useful on Level 2-3 with all the slides.

I also got around to creating a set of gradient objects. There's a resizable rounded square (as seen in red) and a set of flat faces. These use the same shader I made for the darkness of the archways (see last week's update) and the gradient is achieved using vertex alpha.

They are great for giving the impression that the front of blocks are cut off or that the level recedes into the fog... or LAVA!

Finally, I did some bug fixing related to my basic chaser Skull enemies which helped me refine a snowman-head variation I put together at the beginning of the week. Sneaky sneaky!

Ok.. Well, Halo's been playable for a couple days now.. So.. um.. No guarantees about next week's update.. See you then?

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