Oct 2, 2015

Suzy Cube Update: Friday, October 2, 2015

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Aaaand we're back! Skipped the update last week as I was working on a wedding card for my cousin who's getting married.. um, this weekend, I think.
It's all about the boss monster again this week. I got back to it on Monday afternoon and have since gone through my animation list for this big lovable lug.

With the animation work behind me (pending any tweaks I need to do while implementing the functionality) I was able to spend the last couple days concentrating on making the boss monster a little more functional.

I finished exporting all the animations and splitting up the individual animation clips. I then hooked up the animation state machine used to drive the animation sequences. It took a little thought and redesign to get it right, but I think I'll be able to stick with the current implementation without many adjustments.

It's always nice to get the animator state machine set up for a character because that's when you can actually start testing transitions from one sequence to the next and really get a sense for what the character is going to look like running in the game.

With the animations hooked up in Unity, I got a little overzealous and started tarting things up a bit by hooking up effects and screen shakes. Above you can see the boss' intro sequence before and after getting gussied up.

As I just mentioned. I did start on some functionality. No interactivity yet, but I made sure the intro sequence is all good and working and I also wrote a simple little script that allows an object to sit between two others. By using such an object, which floats at a weighted average between the player and the boss' head, as the target for the game camera, I'm able to keep both in view at all times. You can see this in the bite attack above. Notice how the camera moves with the boss' movements while also keeping Suzy in view. I may yet experiment with a lower, more personal camera angle, but the fundamentals are there.

So, if all goes well, next week will be time to hook up the basic functionality like allowing the boss to get hit and hit back, stuff like that. Also I should get started on the individual action sequence scripts to make the boss attack in various ways. By the following week, I hope to have that basic stuff out of the way and to complete work on what I am calling the sequence controller. This will be the system that will allow me to configure the order and frequency with which the different attacks will be performed. This system will be at the heart of making each boss fight unique which reusing the same basic set of attacks.

Well, with that, I'm off to do more work on this big bad boss!

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