Aug 28, 2015

Suzy Cube Update: Friday August 28, 2015

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This week, I started work on level 3-3! I've got a fair bit of work done on level 1-1 but first levels are a unique beast. Level 3-3 is my first "typical" Suzy Cube level and also means beginning work on a whole new look for lava/cave themed levels!

Lava Plane In Editor

Though the level is still very much in the design (white box) phase, I thought It would help with the atmosphere a little if I decked it out with ominous lava! Now, rather than create a gigantic surface, big enough to encompass the whole level, what I've done is create a plane which is only big enough to reach the very end of the camera's far clip plane (and fog). I then attached a simple little script to this plane which allows it to follow the camera through the level all the while maintaining a fixed height. That way, a relatively small plane looks like it's infinitely large! To top it off, I've attached some particle effects to give it its bubbling surface. The trick with these is that I've set them to emit particles in world space. This means that, even though the plane and the attached emitters are constantly moving, the particles themselves will remain where they were generated in world space, further adding to the impression of an infinite surface of lava!

Step Rotator

Swing Time!

The mechanical hook for this level is that it's full of moving and rotating elements which are timed to the spooky music! The stepped rotation and swinging behaviours seen above are repurposed behaviours. When considering new platform and hazard behaviours, I like to break them down in such a way as to allow the scripts to be reused to create new elements from the same basic parts.

In addition to starting work on a new level, I also got some work done on more general use stuff.

Don't let it catch you, Suzy!

I wonder what would happen if I stood right here?

I created a Chase Ghost enemy! The behaviour is based on the same follow script as the snake segments mentioned in last week's update. The idea is that it follows your every move forcing you to keep moving and avoid backtracking. Should be great for high pressure levels!

I also created a set of retractible spikes. They first telegraph that they are about to pop out by poking out just a tad then bam! Spikes! I've also build in the ability to add an offset to the timing which is what you're seeing in the gif above.

See you next time!

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