Apr 9, 2015

iOS version of Berzerker Bots now available on the App Store! Retro arcade FPS fun awaits!

We originally made the Windows and Mac versions of Berzerker Botz for a retro remakes competition years ago as a first person take on the classic arcade game Berzerk. For a while now, Phil had been floating around the idea of porting it to iOS. After years of sitting on a, more or less, working build and a slight HUD update he's finally released it upon the world! Design wise, it was an opportunity for me to experiment with the idea of using a single shared resource which the player has to manage. The power cores that the Botz drop when destroyed are used to reload your gun, refill hour health or throw as grenades. Doing well at the game is all about managing how you use your precious power cores. Oh, and dodging oodles of incoming robot lasers!

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