Apr 28, 2015

Does Not Commute: A Delightful Find For Mobile Gamers

I'm utterly delighted by this game both by its core game play concept and its presentation. If you play games on your mobile phone or tablet at all, I highly recommend giving Does Not Commute a try on iOS or Android.

As mentioned above, Does Not Commute's genius is, really, two fold. The core game play is simply to drive these little commuters through a small top down level to get them to their destination. The wrinkle is that with every new commuter, time is rewound. This means that you are forced to negotiate denser and denser traffic made up off all your previous runs. With each level I've played so far comprising of fifteen or so cars to have to lead out of the city, many of which have crisscrossing paths, things can get really crowded. It's the kind of delightfully simple concept that I find really inspiring!

The other half of the genius of this game is in its presentation. The game looks great with a nice retro-seventies/eighties kind of vibe that's pulled off wonderfully. However, my favourite aspect of the presentation is how the team at Mediocre managed to inject a narrative into such a simple game by way of these little portraits and blurbs about each driver explaining who they are and where they are going. As these little bits of exposition start to weave together, much like the traffic itself, a larger sense of the story and lives of the city's little driving denizens starts to emerge.

I've only played a few levels of the game so far but I am really digging what I've seen. The game controls really nicely, with every vehicle feeling different. The challenge is ramping up nicely too. High five to the folks at Mediocre. I look forward to getting back out there and hitting the road. Sure beats actually commuting!

Available for iOS on the App Store
and Android on the Google Play Store
Trailer from Mediocre

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