Feb 20, 2012

Game Summit 2012 Wrap Up.

Well, boys and girls, Game Summit 2012 has come and gone and I had a blast while it lasted. It was a surprisingly packed house on Sunday, the last day of the summit, and people seemed to be a spending mood. We ended up leaving the con with only one box of Shake Out! left! Guess it's time to place another order!

I had a great time and met all sorts of great people, both players and designers. It was an exhausting few days but I loved every minute of it. Sunday was, as mentioned above, surprisingly busy and we got a huge amount of people to the table to play Shake Out!, which is what it's really all about. Other highlights included: Judging the Designer Challenge, sitting down to play with Alain of Jouets Boom and, oh ya, leaving with only one spare copy of Shake Out!. Hit the jump for some pics. Yup, It actually occurred to me to brandish my camera this time.

Getting in a morning game with Alain from Jouet Boom along with his daughter and friend Réjean.

These two were only at Game Summit to support a friend in the Catan tournament. What better way to pass the time than learning to play Shake Out!? And, a Shake Out! first (that I know of)! We ended the game with ALL STACKS emptied of all but one card!

A tough nut to crack! Convinced she would hate Shake Out! because of the dice and luck, this con-goer turned into a customer after giving the game a try. There's more strategy to Shake Out! than meets the eye.

A visit from a friend made Sunday all the better. I hope his gaming group at work digs Shake Out! as much as he did. It's a perfect lunchtime game!

So, a big thanks to the Marquis, the other organizers and everyone else who helped make Game Summit 2012 an awesome place to be these last few days. I hope to see you all next year, if not sooner.

PS: Sen, feel better soon.


  1. It was a great pleasure to meet you and acquire a copy of Shake Out at Game Summit. Just let me know if/when you need a kickstarter signal boost.

  2. We had so much fun playing! And now I feel famous, my picture is up on your blog! :)