Feb 19, 2012

Game Summit 2012, The Big Day!

Let me start with this: Who the Hell forgets to take any pictures on the biggest day of a convention!? Apparently, I do! So, sorry folks, no window into the MADNESS that was Saturday at the Game Summit. Ok, that was a slight exaggeration. But, hey, who's going to contradict me, there's no photo evidence! Read on for a run down of how Saturday went.

I don't feel TOO bad for forgetting to snap shots, because how could I when we had so much Shake Out! to play with people!? Day two of the summit was pretty darn successful. We moved a good number of boxes and played a ton of games. It's so awesome to see so many new players enjoying Shake Out! as much as we do.

My wife joined our ranks for Saturday which also gave Charles and me the opportunity to sit down and play a few non-Shake Out! games. We started our morning by learning to play Eminent Domain which was busted out twice more before the end of the day. I enjoyed the game but am still on the fence about picking it up. I'll have to write some impressions when I get the chance. And, to finish off the day, we were introduced to Undermining by an awesome brother-sister duo we met playing Shake Out! I don't know how I feel about Undermining as we screwed up a pretty important rule last night so I'll reserve judgement for after having played it properly.

All told, a great day! I'm just waiting to be picked up to kick off the third and final day with camera in hand. Here's hoping I don't forget to use it!

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