Jul 28, 2017

Suzy Cube Update: July 28, 2017

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Thanks for checking in! Not much to update all of you on. Working from Miami has been more distracting than I had anticipated.

Soooo... What HAVE I been doing!? Mostly little things. I spent some time doing some performance tests on my iPod Touch, trying out different quality settings and checking the results. So far, it looks like I'm not fillrate bound, as decreasing the rendering resolution has very little effect on framerate. On a more positive note, I've noticed almost no performance loss from turning on anti aliasing (2xMSAA). I'm currious to find out if it'll be feasible to leave it on for all devices.

I also got a fresh build out to a new group of testers. I'm expecting a shorter round of testing this time. The levels in the testing list are the same as those from the last round of testing. I'm, basically, just looking to see the effects of the changes made following the previous round of testing.

And, finally, I decided to take the time to implement something I've had on the back burner for a while now. It's a simple procedural bounce added to Suzy when she lands from a jump.

Boingy boingy

And, since the bounce is added to an object at the root of her hierarchy, you'll notice that it can be added on top of whatever animation follows. So, whether she's jumping in place or at a run, the bounce will add life to the landing. You'll also notice that it works quite well with the dynamic motion of her hair buns.

The idea basically comes from Super Mario Sunshine and I thought it would give Suzy a bit more of that rubbery quality many of the enemies show in their animations.

Well, that's it. Short update in light of having a hard time staying focused. I've started looking into formats for storing my text strings for easy localisation. So, maybe by next week, Suzy's going to be bilingual.. or even trilingual!?

See you all next week.

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