Apr 21, 2017

Suzy Cube Update: April 21, 2017

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My first week working on a schedule has been... How shall I say... A disaster! Ok, disaster might be a bit strong, but I didn't exactly plow through what I had hoped to accomplish.
The main distraction has been the civil unrest bubbling around the city. It has been affecting my wife's work, complicating her commute and forcing her to work from home due to office closures. The embassy, you see, is right in front of a popular gathering spot for protests. Funny how a little change like having someone around the house can disrupt the flow of work. Thankfully, our home has not yet been directly affected. Yet.

It's Gettin' Hot in Here

Ok, first thing's first. Yes, I completed the redesign of Level 3-3, as seen above. Finally! Come to think of it... That's actually it about that! Great! Moving on!

X Marks the Spot

After noticing that many folks were unaware of hidden stars in levels, or unaware of there being stars requiring certain conditions to reveal, I decided to create this star hint panel.

I think there's something here...
In this example, the star appears after all three nearby enemies are defeated. Now, I know giving away too much risks robbing players of precious "Ah-Ha!" moments, but I'm hoping these will, at least, spark the player's desire to find out how to reveal the star. The panel is only meant as a hint that there IS a star to be found, but not of how to find it. As usual, all will be revealed (see what I did there?) during testing.

Fungus Anyone?

These would be great on a pizza!
I also made these little decorative mushrooms to stick all over forest levels.

Do you think we have a moisture problem?
And with a little scaling and clever placement, they can even look like those awning style mushrooms that grow on tree bark!

Ring Ring...

I had calls with publishing-style folks pretty much all week, too. Some good folks selling some nice services. It's going to be a very tough decision! I'm hoping the right partnership will allow Suzy Cube to be the best it can be while, potentially, giving more folks the opportunity to play by getting the game onto more platforms.

Hard Crash

Oh ya... And that pesky crash I mentioned last week? Well, after spending a day debugging it, I've found the offending script... And still have no idea why it's crashing!! More on this later, I suppose.

Ok, I guess this week wasn't a complete disaster. I did get some smaller stuff done and almost two hours a day were devoted to talking to publishers. I just wish I had been able to clear my week's task list. I had to push stuff over to next week, which I really hoped I would have to do on my first week on this new schedule!

On that note, if all goes well next week, I should have even more stuff to show! See you then.

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