Jul 29, 2016

Suzy Cube Update: Friday July 29, 2016

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Another good week of progress on the World 4 boss level and a growing list of hiccups related to upgrading to the latest version of Unity.

I got another full week of work done on Suzy Cube, which was a nice surprise! I tackled a number of bugs and made some small improvements to many aspects of the game, mostly related to things affected by the Ground Pound power-up and it's new abilities.

Who's The Boss?

Things are progressing nicely for Level 4-B. I've been incorporating the use of the Ground Pound power-up in a number of ways. Though work on the level has been progressing nicely, have resolved to make a number of adjustments to the level to help with pacing. This will set me back a little but all in all, I'm happy with the direction the level is taking.

I've also created a texture variation for the World 4 boss. Notice the rocky look this time.

A bit of a hard head.

Just like the Rock Skull enemies, this boss is impervious to regular head bopping, so Suzy will need to use her Ground Pound to damage it.

Out with a Bang!

Something else I had to build for this level was this highly volatile exploding block.

Handle with care!

It, technically, works like a bomb without the fuse and needs a nearby explosion to set it off. It opens up the possibility of some pretty rad chain reactions!

Clear the way!

There's Always Something

There are a number of good reasons for keeping my version of Unity up to date but damn if it doesn't lead to headaches sometimes! I installed Unity 5.4 last night and, as one might predict, some stuff is now broken!

Some of it is subtle and probably not worth addressing, like some particle colours seem to have changed slightly. Other stuff is annoying, like other particle effects having completely wrong colours. Finally, some stuff is probably going to cripple me for the foreseeable future. One such alarming problem is that, with updated lightmapping tech in place, I'm going to need to re-bake all the lighting on all my levels. Now, this would simply fall under the aforementioned 'annoyance' category if not for the fact that I'm presently starring at a debug console full of errors pertaining to failures related to my custom written dynamically resizable blocks... Which make up, probably, 99% of my level geometry. It's a complex script I haven't touched in nearly a year and I do not look forward to trying to figure out how to fix this problem.

On that note... Next week, I hope to make some progress on, and maybe even finish the design of Level 4-B, but it's entirely possible I will end up dealing with Unity upgrade issues all week. Tune in next friday to find out!

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