Dec 4, 2015

Suzy Cube Update: Friday December 4, 2015

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This week was spent on completing the draft of Level 1-2, knocking some easy stuff off my to-do list and getting started on the World 1 boss fight.

A Bounce in Your Step

As you can see above, Level 1-2 is all about getting to know jump pads! They are all here: regular jump pads, bounce pads, jump activated pads. Yep, it's a good bouncy time in the forest.

A bridge too far?

Although it's just a draft, I did find myself putting in a little more time decorating than I probably should have. What can I say, working as an artist for over ten years will do that to a person.

Who's the Boss?

As previously mentioned, the game's five bosses will, essentially be remixes of the same boss with new attacks, new patterns and requiring different approaches in order to defeat them. So, yesterday I put in the work to convert the lava boss I made (which will be the fifth boss) into a watery pallet as the end boss for World 1! 

Somewhere, beyond the sea...

This included recolouring the boss itself and converting a number of fiery effects to be watery instead. I've also set up the proper attack sequences for this boss fight so all that's left (cuz, you know, no biggy!) is to actually build the level that lead up to the boss fight and I can call this one done... Well, as a draft, anyway!

Odds and Ends

Otherwise, I just went through some of the stuff on my low hanging fruit task list and fixed a few little easy bugs. I also made use of level-of-detail groups for some of the smaller objects like pick ups and things. I'm not actually using them to swap the meshes out for simpler ones at a distance, but rather using the system to have particle effects only appear when closer and to have the objects be culled out of rendering altogether when very far away.

I should have a nice finished boss level done for you all next week, and hopefully some good progress on Level 1-4 started too. Until next time!

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