Jun 20, 2014

Quick Thoughts on Monument Valley

I have been charmed. Utterly charmed by iOS game Monument Valley from ustwo. Something about the nature of this game makes me think that a full review just doesn't fit. it's not that kind of product. Monument Valley straddles the line between game and art piece. It's like a delightful and surprising little toy you just want to touch and explore. It eschews so much of what we take for granted from games. It's not long, it's not all that challenging and its approach to storytelling certainly leans more toward the minimalist and experiential than the epic and heroic. I fully recommend Monument Valley to anyone looking for a little surprise and delight in their life. If only for an hour or so. This Escher-esque journey is to games what poetry is to literature.

Available on iOS App Store
and on Android via Google Play

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