Oct 19, 2013

Video Game Event Recap

Above, we have Nick and Dave the top bracket and bottom bracket winners of the tournament. It was a small-ish turn out after all but a ton of fun. Lot's of scream-at-the-screen moments and a nice wad of cash for charity! A big thanks to everyone who was in attendance and I hope no one was unable to get in because we were all busy during the tournament! If so, I'm soooo sorry! I'm going to make sure there's someone at the door from 7 to 9 next friday for the board game event. So, big thanks to the attendees and a huge thanks to Breakfall, Flathead Studios and my buddy from Northernbytes for providing download codes for the prize packs. And a big thanks to a certain someone for generously picking up some gift cards to sweeten the top prize even more!

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