Aug 15, 2013

Got Some New Goodies

I picked up some new board games yesterday thanks, in no small part, to Chairwoman Ashley of The Meeple's Republic. What games you ask!? Why the 'fresh off the presses' Dungeon Roll and Elusive Interstellar Mayhem! Hit the just for some closer shots.

After a successful Kickstarter campaign here is Chris Darden's Dungeon Roll along with the special campaign backer perks, including the Hero Booster Pack and the special Mimic style box. As most of you probably already know, I'm a pretty big fan of rolling dice, so I expect to have a darn good time with this one!

And Interstellar Mayhem which I discovered at a recent Meeple's Republic event. The event was a tournament hosted by the Meeple galls and the game designer himself, mister Alexander Ommer, straight from Germany! The game is a streamlined space themed dogfighting affair centred around allocating dice values to the different systems of your rickety ship. I didn't do too well in the tournament but I had a great time and my early elimination allowed me to get in on a wicked six player game in which I faired much better. Can't wait to bust this one out with friends. I feel pretty privileged to have a copy of this game as it isn't yet available in North America! This is one of the European copies that was used in the tournament which I picked up from Ashley at a discount! YAY!

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