Dec 28, 2012

Inducted Into The Game Crafter Hall of Fame!

In light of the recent publication of Roll'n Bump, I've been given a prestigious spot in the Game Crafter Hall of Fame!

The Hall of Fame was created to recognize designers form the Game Crafter community who have achieved great levels of success with their games or have been picked up by traditional publishers.

I am honoured to join the ranks of such Hall of Fame alumni as Jason Glover (Plague:The Card Game), Matt Worden (Jump Gate/Space Mission) and Kevin Lanzing (Flash Point: Fire Rescue). Truely, I'm in great company.

I did an email interview with The Game Crafter to talk about the transition from Shake Out! to Roll'n Bump which you can check it out here.


  1. Well done Lou! Glad to see your game is a success!

  2. Way to go, Louis! Well deserved!