Nov 9, 2012

Eggies Available Now on Facebook and iOS!

As some of you may know, though I moonlight as a board game designer and amazing(ly infrequent) blog writer, my day job entails making eyeball pleasing artwork for Ottawa based game company Playbrains.

So, what's the latest from Playbrains? Well, I'm so glad you asked, because I can now tell all of you that Eggies is now available on Facebook, iPhone and iPad!

Eggies is, on the surface, a pretty typical match-3 game, but it holds a secret (not secret)... Super Cute Animals!!! Match 4 or more colourful eggs to discover one of 5 adorable animal buddies. If you match an animal with eggs of the same colour, you'll activate his or her power, bust a bunch of eggs, create some crazy cascading combos and score huge points! As you level up, you'll also unlock helpful boost items and super, powered up versions of all the regular animals for even crazier, zanier cascading combos of crazy crashing catastrophe!

Wanna top the leaderboards? Here are a few pro tips:
  • Don't stop matching! You don't need to wait for things to settle down to continue swapping eggs and creating matches. So, if things are still collapsing on one side of the play field, work at matching eggs on the other side for even crazier points! 
  • Work that Eggie Time! Below the play field is the Eggie Time bar which fills up with every egg you break. Fill it up to trigger Eggie Time! While in Eggie Time you score more points, and your game clock stops ticking down, so the more eggs you break, the more Eggie Time you trigger and the longer you can play to rack up massive scores!
  • Rollo the panda is the best! Seriously, the best!
Not convinced? Have a gander at the trailer!

So, what are you waiting for!? Go try your hand at Eggies, the most fun you'll have matching coloured eggs this side of a magical land!

video and image from Playbrains
iPhone Link
iPad Link
Facebook Link

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