Aug 31, 2012

Vote For Marvin's Mittens On Steam Greenlight

From Breakfall Studios:
"Marvin's Mittens is a 2D platformer with a focus on exploration and collection. With gorgeous, hand drawn art, Marvin presents a soothing world to explore, free from enemies and danger. Collect magic snowflakes to increase your jump height and race your sled across the landscape to reach new areas before your mother calls you back home. Learn the secrets of snow elf magic and traverse the world beyond Marvin's backyard to solve the mystery of the missing mitten. Immerse yourself in this charming indie title!"

Steam Greenlight is a new initiative from triple threat Valve Software that gives indie game studios a brand new, fan driven avenue onto the Steam distribution platform.

Traditionally, Valve has always been the sole curators of the Steam games catalogue, but Greenlight changes this by allowing developers to get their game in front of the eyes of fans directly. You see, any developer who wants to get a game sold on the Steam platform can now put together screenshots, a trailer and a description and put it before the Steam user base. Users can browse the list of submitted projects and vote up the ones they would like to see for sale on Steam. As games garner more interest, they become candidates for publishing. Essentially, Valve has put a system in place for game developers to get their project known and for players to express their interest in seeing those games published.

Which brings me to Marvin's Mittens, a game from Breakfall Studios, a local independent crew of talented developers. As you may have guessed, Marvin's Mittens is currently gathering votes via Steam Greenlight in the hopes of catching Valve's eye and making it onto the store. If you like the idea of a colourful 2D platforming experience that captures the youthful feeling of exploration and wonder, then I suggest you lend your support by visiting the Marvin's Mittens Greenlight page and casting your vote. It's a really different and light hearted experience that deserves to be on Steam.

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